Applauding Our Employees

We wanted to dedicate a blog to our wonderful employees:

The goals of our employee training include education in rules and regulations, raising an employee’s awareness, modifying behavior, safety management skills, and creating a proactive positive safety attitude. This is applicable to both field and office personnel. Graef requires all of its field superintendents to complete 30-hour OSHA safety training, 1st Aid/ CPR training, and selected safety topics that are project and site specific. General foreman receive an OSHA 10-hour course covering excavations, competent-person training, and utility mark-out procedures. Site employees receive a site-specific safety-training orientation based on the hazards noted in the site specific safety plan (SSSP), which is written by company officials for each project. The SSSP details such items as contaminants present, excavation procedures, and soil type present.

Since 2002, due to the efforts of all of our employees, Graef Construction, Inc. has been the recipient of the National Safety Award for 100,000 man hours or less presented by the Association of General Contractors.

Thank you to everyone who puts in hard work and a readiness to learn and adapt!